Funds frozen for 1 week pending verification SOLVED!



I topped my account last week but had to get extra verified. I sent all the docs now waiting ages to get my funds released.
It has been 7 days!! Its getting ridiculous and the chat support only says the case is being handled.

But how lobg can I wait, I have bills to pay, rates moved I am losing money evey day with this delay. Can please someone prioritize this??



@AndreasK @JessicaZ are able to address it properly…
Please consider contact via DM on Twitter too.


Thanks, unfortunately I can’t send a DM yet… maybe they will see this post…


Definitely, just wait a while.


Hey there. We’re really sorry to hear that. Our support team is receiving a high volume of requests at the moment. Rest assured, I’ve escalated your query and an agent will contact you shortly.


Thank you, its all sorted now.
Nice weekend!


What about me?
I’m waiting for way longer than 1 week!

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