Fundraising from friends - instead of top up


I just won an auction at Copart and i need to make them a payment of about 3500 GBP.
Even though i read the FAQ and asked the Revolut chat team for confirmation about this (if i will be able to make this type of transfers and payment, thus top up), now i am stuck by the fact that i have a top-up limit of about 200 GBP/day. I can’t wait 18 days to top up the amount i need in order to make the payment to Copart since they will charge me 15 GBP/day for the delay.

The process to increase my limit by uploading documents regarding my salary also will take too much time (because Revolut moves very slowly - it paused me for 96 hours).

One idea is to ask my friends, colleagues and family to send me small amounts of money (200-500 GBP) in order to reach the required amount of money (3500 GBP) and then i will make the payment to Copart.
Will this work or i will end up with all my money and account blocked?

The second question: will the payment to Copart be processed in time? Or it will be failed/delayed?

Thank you!

You might mix up two limits.

There is a yearly top up limit, as shown under more, profile, verification and limits. This can be increased by providing proof of funds.

There is a daily top up limit for cards used to top up. This limit increases automatically over time, it can’t be changed manually by support. In the meantime, you can top up higher sums via bank transfer.

I am ok with the yearly top up limit. I have about 10000 GBP.
The daily top up limit for cards is what bothers me and i want to find a solution for that. About the bank transfer: what is the purpose to use Revolut if i make a bank transfer? Isn’t the purpose of Revolut exact to avoid something like this? If i want to make a bank transfer i would do it directly to Copart and skip Revolut.

Can i receive an answer regarding my idea with the fundraising?

Most customers have a higher limit for newly added cards. This limit is personal. You can read about it in the Help Center or search this forum for it. Like I said, the limit increases over time with making more top ups. There is no other way to increase it manually. Your calculation about needing 18 days might be wrong because the limit might have increased in the meantime.

If friend and family already have a Revolut account, they can transfer you money in real time. Bank transfers (via Faster Payments) take about 4 hours. Isn’t that fast enough?

I don’t have any information about how their security monitoring works. Many small top ups from different sources and then a fast transfer out might trigger it.