Funding my account

Hi, I am trying to send EURs to my revolut account. My bank has rejected the payment saying the IBAN is invalid, I imagine I need a intermediary bank to be added to the swift. Can you please let me know the details?

Revolut’s EUR BIC is REVOGB21 :slight_smile:

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Hey - I had the same problem! I could only transfer to a DKK account you have created … not sure why.
Contacted support, and they reverted me bank to the pooled EUR account details.

I just had a chat with support saying that I can try to use REVOGB21XXX (11 characters)

Yes, XXX are just placeholders. It is effectively the same as REVOGB21.

Revolut only accept EUR via SEPA. If your bank tries to send the payment via Swift it gets rejected and you get charged the cost of that payment regardless.
I asked for the intermediary details which really should be the bank which is supplying the account I.e. Lloyd’s supplies the GBP, but couldn’t get a response from the help desk. They pointed me to SEPA, but in my case I’m not the one making the payment and the payment provider can’t make a payment via SEPA…

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