function for daily budget

I really love the monthly budget it really helps keep track of the expenses but what if we could “reward” our self for trying and staying inside the daily budget?

Lets say the money i have to spend today is no more that 22 euros and i also had 1 vault for some expenses or goal.

What If at the end of day im not above that number i could set the system to take 50% or the whole remaining daily budget and add it to the vault? If its 2 vaults 50% on each or 25% of 50% etc.

There is a function on the vaults where you can set monthly weekly or daily deposits in a fixed number. For the daily deposit i believe the above function is more complete.

Also this kind of function will try to force me to make better choices on where i need to spend money.


It would be a good addition to the apps functionality but it doesnt really follow budget principles.
For example instead of budgeting £20 per day for spending then deliberately not spending that amount so you can save the remaining amount you would be better budgeting £15 per day for spending & £5 euro per day for saving initially.

Good point but each day has its own scenario which means the remaining budget can be 5 or 3 or 10 or 15 or even 1 euro, so its not stable.

Now even on those small numbers and in the even smaller which are saved on the vaults the goal make a habit to the user not to overdo it.


Personnaly, I would rather have this functionnality for the end of the month. As I sometimes need to spend one day more than my daily budget, but 0 the next day. However staying in the monthly budget could be “rewarding” as you present it.