Full name not respected during sign-up


I signed up and was verified after something of a delay, but the name on the account was not respected. I have signed up for all my digital and fiat currency accounts as my Full Name which includes a middle name, for which Revolut also asked.
When my account was finally verified, the system dropped my middle name!
I now cannot make SEPA payments to anything from Revolut and cannot send funds from the majority of my online accounts to Revolut because the account name does not match in full.
Is this a bug in the system or the people verifying the accounts? Did your forms trim off my middle name? How can I get this corrected?

Note: I have sent a request for this to be fixed via support help, but they’re backed up so much I expect it to be days before I even get a “we’re looking into it” response.


SEPA does not make a name check. Transfers aren’t automatically limited to the exact name. And most services that limit transfers to “accounts in one’s own name” are aware of middle names. I myself have a middle name, and a German umlaut in my name. I have bank accounts in all different ways to spell this name. Transfers to Revolut always arrived, no matter how my name was spelled exactly, with and without the middle name.


Is this true for, for example, for Coinbase?
When beginning a SEPA deposit I entered the same name as my Revolut account as the sender, but they required I entered my Full Name and then said any transfer which does not come from exactly that name will not be accepted.
All financial institution are aware of middle names, but many can and do require the full legal name of client on all receipts. This is particularly true in Japan, where I frequently have phone calls from my bank asking if I am happy to accept fund to my account where the middle name is not specified or only my first initials are on the transfer. (Not a surprise because of “giri” confidence tricks.) However, I received my first call from HSBC Business just before Christmas for exactly the same issue.
I’d prefer Revolut honoured my full name. In fact, I can’t really use Revolut without my full name on the account, except as a debit card when travelling. I already have accounts in fiat currencies for that.


You might want to get in touch with another coinbase user. You can search this forum for it.

Like you said, you just have to wait until support can manually change the name for you.


I thought as much. Many thanks for your reply.
Revolut should probably add it to their sign up flow.

Ironically, I have been told (I don’t know how true it is) that Barclays is used as part of the backend for Resolut. This would make sense as I had precisely the same name issue when I was with Barclays. That is why I left them and joined FD for personal UK and HSBC Business for UK business stuff.