Full activation required? No idea what this means

Just got my new USA Revolut card Yay! Activated the card, and then there’s this comment "Full activation required. “Please fully activate your card by performing your first transaction using pin”

No idea what this means. Where and how do I do this? thx

Hi, you need to confirm your identity on app for use our card.

Not sure if this is the answer to my query. Identity conformed, card in hand

It means you need to use the card in an ATM or Terminal first before you can use contactless.

Thanks Regalia, do I actually have to make some sort of transaction, or just log in…?

I think a transaction that requires you to enter your PIN.

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Well, then I surmise that means just logging in to an ATM with the card… I’ll check it out next time i’m in town. thx

As a UK customer, When I got a new card, the first time that I used it, I had to make a purchase by putting the card in a terminal and using my PIN.

After that I could use contactless, hence their term ‘fully activated’. I hope that this is helpful? :wink:


I went to a grocery store and bought something I needed anyway.

Yes, this works as well. In essence any transaction verifying your PIN will do.