Frozen funds without reason


My business account with a balance +42.114,00 is illegally blocked from one months. My business is absolutely clean and I sent to Revolut all documents that they requested.
I invite all those in my situation to act against Revolut by taking legal action. IMMEDIATELY


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This is insane. I’m seeing more and more of this recently and support is abysmal - nothing seems to work properly with Revolut, if at all.

Beginning to fear the worst about the whole situation here.


:r: asked for banking licence in UE, UK and US : they need to show to authorities that they are committed to Anti Money Laundering.

It may be more complicated and impacting for :r: compared to other fintechs because it’s a UK based company and they are doing this after having onboarded more that 2 millions customers.


They may be comitted to stopping money laundering but they are certainly not comitted to resolving the account issues that this brings in any timely manner.


I don’t think :r: chose to start massive accounts review : they know they do not yet have the right resources.

As always it was probably initiated/requested by authorities without thinking about the concequences…


Only that? Nothing to say? In front of Court your boss will show an “emoticon”.


Do you believe you are above the law? I in my country respect the law and I am not afraid to bring you in front of Court… My job is not dirty. Yours?


Calm down @Dentalproducts :slight_smile:

@ozone isn’t working for :r:, he/she just tagged known :r: people in your topic to attract their attention.


Hi there. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your account is still under review. Our compliance team will get back to you as soon as they have an update.


Hi Andreas! Can you ask to review my account ,I sent already proof of funds,but no one answer.thanks


I’m on it! :slight_smile:


@AndreasK I have similar issue and it seems to be massive… I need support because As I mentioned in my topic I need to pay for my Father birthday gift. I will be really sad if it will not be resolved in following hours.


Did you check status?


status of what? Revolut account? I am checking it every 20 minutes


over a month to review an account seems excessive Andreas


Sometimes this process can take longer, which can happen for a number of reasons:

:no_mobile_phones: A wave of suspicious activity causes many different accounts to be locked, which increases the workload on our agents

:no_mobile_phones: Some cases require deeper investigation to ensure that those users aren’t committing fraud, making the review last longer

:no_mobile_phones: We work with a wide variety of partners, so we sometimes need to get their perspective on a case and this can also cause delays (although we’re not pointing any fingers!)


Sorry, but these are poor excuses. Locking people/businesses out of their accounts/funds for weeks/months on end is completely & utterly unacceptable. So is complaining about your workload. There is a simple solution to the “workload on our agents” - get more staff.

This would also ensure that customers don’t have to wait days/weeks/months trying to get some kind of simple response to their issues/problems. I see many people who have been waiting for weeks here for answers or explanations, it’s just not good enough & is unworkable. There’s no point in inviting more people/businesses to join Revolut if you don’t have enough staff to cope with all the issues you are having now, & keeping businesses locked out of their accounts for such long periods will result in them going out of business, you’re literally killing them.

You seriously need to step up your game. Start with getting more staff so you can answer customers concerns in a timely manner & fix the multitude of bugs that customers are reporting, without response or explanation I might add. More staff will fix that too.


Hi there. We’re expanding support team constantly. However, as same cases require deeper investigation and confirmations from external authorities. Therefore, even if our support was bigger I’m afraid that same cases would still require more time to be resolved.

Thank you for your feedback.


What is your average time for verifying source of funds? I trf’d a lump sum to my Revolut account for the purchase of a property which settles on Friday. Please tell me my funds will be unlocked by then! I have provided all the back up showing that the funds came from the sale of two other properties, all relevant bank statements etc. I was told on chat there is currently high demand for the team that do this and it can take longer than expected but how long?? No one is responding on chat now. If anyone needs to ask me questions on the back up, how will they get in touch?