Frozen funds. Account blocked without explainations


My business account is blocked ("under review) from 19 june). No explainations. My company is french. In France I working without problems. The balance of my account is +42.000 eur.
I will charge my lawyer to recover my money.



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Hello @Dentalproducts !

I am really sorry our automated system flagged your account for a review. Please rest assured that your funds are being protected. As soon as the review is completed, we will get back to you, I promise!

In the meantime, I am linking useful read that could help you understand our process and why it takes time. Thank you for understanding



me too my account was blocked and no in support reply can you help me please



Hi Rafael,

I have been now searching for hours who to speak to but in vain…
It is either a robot or nothing else…
My account was blocked WEEKS ago, I was asked to answer on the chat app questions such as, what was the main purpose of me using Revolut?, if I could explain why I had received money from different people?.. I answered all these questions and then was asked to provide my last P60. Being self employed, I do not receive P60, so instead I was asked to send at my last year tax statement which I did.
Now for some reason, I cannot chat anymore on the app, the send button has been grayed out.

So I am left totally useless, nobody to talk to, nobody to solve this more that unacceptable situation that has been going on for weeks now.

I have about £1500 (if I remember well) on my account and I demand help to get to the bottom of it…

I hope my message reaches you as I am really not sure I am writing where I should.

Kind regards,