From Standard to Premium - timing question.

Hi, I am interested in upgrading to Premium to remove the limit of 6 000€ no-fee currency exchange in the Standard plan.

How does the upgrade work? Is it instantaneous, ie as soon as I click on the upgrade button, will the 6 000€ limit be immediately removed, or do I need to wait for some physical card to be shipped to me (with the current lock down situation, mail can take extremely long to arrive)?

I just upgraded to Premium with the monthly fee. It seems that the upgrade is immediate, the exchange fees are gone from future transactions. I’m answering my own question…

I am not sure about the card. The app says that I can order a card for free.

Is it a must to order a new card when switching over to Premium or can I keep using my Standard card?

Is there any benefit to ordering a new card (besides having 2 physical cards, which can be convenient when I travel abroad with my partner) ?

You don’t need to order a new one, just if you want a card with a different design :slight_smile:

Be careful. Disclosing details of a personal account (card PIN) is technically a breach of the T&Cs.

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