From Standard to Premium and back

If I upgrade my Standard plan to Premium monthly and then back to Standard, would my original Standard card still work?

What if I do #1 Standard -> #2 Premium -> #3 Standard -> #4 Premium
would my premium card I got on step #2 be re-activated for step #4 or do I need to get a new Premium card on step #4 ?

Once you cancle your subscription your cards will still work. Also if you upgrade, every card which you had before the upgrade, will work as normal

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Card functionality is the same no matter which plan you are on. In terms of the physical card itself, your plan tier only decides which ‘model’ of card you can get - but you can even upgrade to Metal, get a metal card, then downgrade to standard and continue using your metal card (without the Metal benefits).

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Thanks all for your very comprehensive answers. I’ll stick to the card that I got in my Standard plan and continue to use it with my Premium account then.