From Kraken account SEPA to Revolut account


In the future I want to withdraw money from my account, but I’m unsure of some of their requirements for when adding a bank account to withdraw to.

Can somebody please clarify what I should write in the Description and Address of my ‘‘bank’’ (revolut).
Also general information on where I can find the rest of the information within the Revolut app



I guess the description is whatever you want to call it, and the address should be the banks address and i think you can use the one under “swift” BUT MAKE SURE to use the SEPA iban and bic.



In “Description” - whatever you want
In “Name on account” - your names (first name and family name… I think they should match your name and family in Revolut account)
In “IBAN” - your personal IBAN from Revolut

All other fields as you see them… :slight_smile:

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