From IBAN not visable


Why is the from IBAN not visable in the transaction details?


Hi! To view your IBANs you have to tap on this icon in the top left corner:
then tap on the account that you’d like to see the IBAN of :slight_smile:


No not my IBAN, the IBAN from the person/company ho is sending the money.


I’m not fully sure since I haven’t received a bank transfer yet, but when sending one you can check the IBAN and BIC by tapping the transaction and scrolling down, so maybe that’s where it’s specified when receiving money as well :slight_smile:


If you sent an amount yes, when receiving non IBAN is displayed.


This is annoying me as well. The app only displays the name of the sender, but no IBAN is displayed. Can’t think of a reason why the IBAN is hidden.