Friends list using Revolut reduced significantly


Hi, suddenly, list of my friends using Revolut was significantly reduced in my app on iphone. Originally, some 30 friends were reduced to five. No clue, why. I have properly linked my iphone 6 contacts to Revolut.

I have tried to reinstall the app without change. Many thanks.


It happens on my app too, today I have only three contacts on Revolut, it seems to fluctuate as last week it was more, then less, then more. A bit of a nuisance


I was advised to enter the contacts manually, but this is not solving the issue - was passed on the technical team for investigation. We will see then.


Almost the same here! Mi contacts are not disappearing but they simplicity stopped to be alligned… Many friend that make revolution didn’t appear on the contacts at all! Making transfer with them very complicated


@AndreasK or team, could you give an advice or help please? Stil no change :frowning: Thanks.


I had the same issue. Just do a proper logout in the app, and then log in agai with your phone number and the contact list is again complete!


So strange, mine is still looking the same… :man_shrugging:t3:


Hi there. Are you on the latest version of the app?


Hi, yes, latest version on iphone 6, no change.


Thank you. The team is looking into it.


Hi all, I’ve managed to speak to a few of you individually. This issue should now be resolved. Can you please let me know if you are still having issues with some contacts missing? perhaps we can then do a private message to get some further details. Regards.


Hi all, as per the above, closing this ticket as it appears that you now have all regained your revolut friends. Regards.