Friend can't request money from me


My friend requested money from me from the app.
She uses an iPad and had no error message when requesting money.
She just added me in the friend list inside Revolut with my mobile phone number.

I didn’t receive any notification or request and it’s still pending on her side.

I requested money from her, she instantly received the notification and was able to deal with it.
I’m using an iPhone.

Could it be because she entered my number with the leading “0” instead of the international French “+33” code ?
If so, how to delete a friend from the friend list inside Revolut ?

A detail: On my side, I have the “R” logo close to her name on the friend list. She doesn’t have that close to my name on her friend list.

We are both running the latest version of the app.


Hello Tacite.

Yes that would be the case, you have to delete the contact number from your phone contact list, then readd.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

Thanks for your answer.

I can confirm that Revolut friends list = iPhone contact list.
People I had to friends inside Revolut are added to my iPhone contact list.

However it’s not the same for iPad. Might be an issue.
There’s nothing added to the iPad contact list.