Freud Prevention


Anyone who has freudulent transactions appearing in their app, and feels the need to keep their cards frozen in response, will feel this.

As expected, the freudulent scumsters keep on trying to hit my account. Small(ish) amounts, regularly. Not too subtle then. And yes, the amounts change, so it’s not just some transaction I made without noting it, and the merchant forced to keep trying. Without second-guessing Revolut as it tightens it’s own security, here’s how YOU (that’s you Revolut) can help now::

  • Let me click a transaction and set it as unwanted or freudulent. The app would then not allow further transactions from that source.


  • Another solution, is to allow me to hand authorise each transaction. This stringent security setting would kick freudsters in the wallet.

There may be technical difficulties in implementing this kind of security. But hey, why not let your customers take some responsibility for their own security, especially if your own is having teething troubles.

I refuse to believe I am the only customer with this problem.



Was this just a slip?