French toll roads


The card does not seem to work at many French toll booths. They are automatic and do not require a pin but just reject the Revolut card without explanation. Other cards work. This is not universal so a bit of a nuisance as you can hold up the queue if trying out several cards.


You might have activated in card security “Disable magstripe payments”. I had the same problem with some parking houses.


We have a similar discussion here: Non present transactions


Hi davido
It is due to “non-present transactions” where there is no attendant present and hence exposes Revolut to additional risks but I have made a suggestion already on the discussion that Anthony highlighted. Have a read it should help you understand and perhaps you could lend your views to that discussion.


Exactly and it’s normal. Revolt is relying on a prepaid debit card which does not provide this type of transactions/payments. More details:



My girlfriend’s Revolut card didn’t work last month in Spanish motorway tolls either. I had to use my EUR-denominated American Express card instead.