French resident - how to declare your gains of your Revolut Trading account

Ah, right - thanks. So basically fractions of a stock based on the price in that case. Will 2074 allow you to enter a fraction of a stock (in decimal value)? So, for example 1000/3467= 0.2884 (or 0.29 rounded to 2 places) using this handy tool.

Precisely this is what the discussion is about, that 2074 is not fit for “real life” declaration, where stocks can be fractions and price need to have 4 digit accuracy.

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I just wanted to be clear. Thanks again.
Have you considered reporting that as an issue to the fisc for change next year?

The form is the details but one need to fill the total with n another cell right? Which one is it?

didn’t pprt reply to that here

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In case you simmed it, on my last point regarding form 3916, Revolut just published these guidelines.

​You need to declare your Revolut account

French residents need to declare all accounts outside of France to the tax authorities

It’s important to stay in control of your finances, and that includes keeping on top of taxes. So, we’re bringing you some info about tax declarations in France, specifically that you need to declare your Revolut account in your income statements. French residents need to declare any account they hold outside of France.

How to do it

When filling in your yearly declaration, declare your Revolut account using the form “cerfa N°3916”, where you’ll be asked to give your account number, the date you’ve opened your account, and Revolut’s Lithuanian address.

Your Revolut IBAN

You can find your IBAN in your Revolut app by clicking on the Euro flag next to your Euro balance on the homepage. Your Revolut account number is the last 10 numbers of your Revolut IBAN.

Account opening date

Tap your profile photo

Tap ‘Documents’

Tap ‘Subject access request’

This will generate a document, and you’ll find the date you opened your Revolut account at the top.

Revolut address

Since Brexit, your account has been migrated to our Lithuanian entity, so you’ll need to use this address:

Revolut Payments UAB

Konstitucijos ave. 21B

08130 Vilnius

Republic of Lithuania

If you’ve made investments and received capital gains or dividends, you’ll also need to report them in your income statement. These profits may be subject to tax in accordance with national tax rules. It’s your responsibility to understand how to declare, and to make tax payments.

This doesn’t exempt you from consulting the legal provisions in force or from obtaining more information from the tax authorities or from your accountant.