French motorway tolls 🇫🇷 péages sur les autoroutes françaises

The card does not seem to work at many French toll booths. They are automatic and do not require a pin but just reject the Revolut card without explanation. Other cards work. This is not universal so a bit of a nuisance as you can hold up the queue if trying out several cards.


You might have activated in card security “Disable magstripe payments”. I had the same problem with some parking houses.

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We have a similar discussion here: Non present transactions

Hi davido
It is due to “non-present transactions” where there is no attendant present and hence exposes Revolut to additional risks but I have made a suggestion already on the discussion that Anthony highlighted. Have a read it should help you understand and perhaps you could lend your views to that discussion.

Exactly and it’s normal. Revolt is relying on a prepaid debit card which does not provide this type of transactions/payments. More details:


My girlfriend’s Revolut card didn’t work last month in Spanish motorway tolls either. I had to use my EUR-denominated American Express card instead.


Make sure you enable “swipe payments” in security settings before using French motorway tolls, otherwise the payment will be rejected by Revolut. Despite swipe being a thing of the past outside the United States and despite France being the original pioneer of chip & PIN, French motorway tolls still use the magnetic stripe; they don’t even contactless payments.

I discovered last month that French motorway tolls, at least SANEF, no longer accept American Express, so I used Revolut instead.

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I have the same experience in Spain just today. After switching off the GPS location security checking and enabeling the magnetic strip it started working in France but no luck in Spain at all :-//