French ID card validity


I’m a French citizen and I couldn’t use my ID card because of the expiry date.

Since January 2014, french ID card validity is extended from 10 years to 15 years even to already delivered ID cards (without needing to redeliver them). Because of that some cards seem to be expired but are still valid.
As for me the card was delivered in 2007/04/18 and is marked valid until 2017/04/17 but because of the new law, it is truly valid until 2022/04/17 even if it is written otherwise in the card.

Luckily I also have a driving licence so I could register myself with it, but it could be an issue for persons not having a driving licence. French government refuse to submit new ID cards for persons in my situation. I have to wait until 2022 to be allowed to make a new ID card.

Here is a link from the french governement that explain this situation:

It os written in french and english. It is made for borders and foreign organisations.

It could be nice to include this validity extension in the current process to allow people to register having only this kind of document.


“Lose” your ID and ask for replacement.


That would be a bit drastic :wink:

I understand the problem however. You have a document that expired according to its own expiration date, however that expiration date was rendered invalid by a national regulation that extended that date without explicitely saying so on the document however. So you have an expired document that hasnt expired yet :crazy_face: :man_facepalming:

I understand there is the document you linked but I am not sure whether Revolut will be able to accept that sort of communication to exempt one particular ID from the expiration check, respectively not exempt it but add the number of years in question.

What do the French authorities say in this regard? I could imagine that this is generally a problem abroad (also at borders for example). Could they maybe issue a separate document stating the extended validity?


What’s going to happen if you cross a non Schengen boarder? Are boarder controls going to accept it despite the expiration?


Schengen and EU countries accept French ID, but for other countries only Passports are accepted.

This website gives recommendations for each country, in the “Entrée / Séjour” section they mention the 5 year thing for the ID card. They usually suggest to print the multilingual paper to explain it.

When saying that, you should mention that it is not risk free. If you get caught you’ll have a fine to pay.

That being said, I renewed my “lost” French ID not long ago. The process is very smooth and the “lost” part is only an extra form to sign when doing the request for the new one.
Also, you’ll have to pay 25 euros instead of having it for free.


But they certainly require one that hasnt expired. How do you deal with that?

As I wrote, it is a bit drastic.


Hi @superbob. If you’re having any issues with verification please contact us on chat and we will be happy to help you in this situation.


I have succeded in validating my ID using my driving licence. I just wanted to share my experience and see if something could be done for other people in my situation.


There is a list of countries who have accepted this validity extension such as Grece, Italy, Andorra and others. 3 have refused to accept it : Belgium, Lituania and Norway. And a lot didn’t pronounced in favor or against such as UK, Germany and others. The whole list is here:
So it is not clear for everyone even inside Schengen space. French govt accept to renew ID cards when you can prove that you need it for one of the problematic countries.


I’m almost sure there will be no problems travelling EU, but not outside it.