French guy linving in Vietnam


Hi There,
I’m French living in Vietnam, and pay my taxes in France.
Is there a way for me to open a Revolut account ?



If you have French phone number (at least when you’re creating an account) it should be possible.


Hi Redi,

And if somebody creates the account for me in France ?


Then card will come to France :wink:


this point is not really important, somebody can send the card for me later.
but during registration time there is no authentifiction of the person is registrating ?


Are you still registered in France?


During registration? No.


What do you mean, could you precise ?


Once the registration is done, I will be able to change the French phone number with my Vietnamese one ?


Yes, but verification will be tricky a little bit :joy:
You’ll have to be online with somebody in France, because too be verified you have to provide documents and selfie.


for documents it is ok, I can give them before to my friend in France, do you know which documents are required ?
About selfie, I can do it before and send before to my friend, or it should be online, if yes how to do ?


Document’s: ID or Passport or Driving licence.
Selfie- online.
Generally it is possible, after account is created your colleague uninstalls the app, then you’re installing it on your phone.
Colleague gives you the code, then you’re passing verification through, and this is it.


Do you still have a valid registration at an address in France? If not you wouldnt be eligible for a Revolut account.


If it is selfie online, I do not understand how to do if I am in Vietnam when my friend is registering in France ?


Usually I use my name at my uncle adress


As I’ve described- it is possible.
Please read it carefully:

You haven’t answered if you’re EEA citizen.


Use? Are you registered with the authorities at that address and can you provide proof of that to Revolut, should they ask for it? If you can, go ahead and open an account :). If not, you wouldnt be eligible for an account I am afraid.


My citizenship is French so I guess I’m EEA citizen, but expat in Vietnam.
Thank’s a lot for all your informations


In France you don’t have to register with authorities to live somewhere. If I decide to live at the house of my uncle, I just decide to go there and that’s all. If somebody wants to send me post mail, will use my name + “at” uncle’s name + adress uncle


As far as I know, residency is more critical than citizenship. If your ID, passport, driver’s license, does not show an address, you will be asked for additional proof of address, like a bank statement, utility bill, with your name and address on it. Revolut is limited to legal residents of EEA countries + Switzerland right now.

If you can provide this for a french address, you should be able to open an account and then change the phone number afterwards to a Vietnamese number with the help of the support chat.