Freezing Cards

Is there an option to freeze your virtual disposable card?

You can freeze ‘physical cards’ and the ‘virtual card’ though the app card options, however it does not seem possible to freeze your virtual disposable card.

No, why do you want this option?

The number was never used anywhere else, no-one out there knows it. If you’re not comfortable having it sitting there, just delete it and re-issue a new one once you want to use it.

Because it sits there on my phone waiting to be used. When it is used it re-generates. Therefore there is always a risk of fraudulent use.

Usually when there is a fraudulent use, the card info has been copied from somewhere.
The number you see is brand new, and the only way to get the card info is through your phone + pincode (/fingerprint).

Not sure to understand where the risk is :thinking:

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Isn’t it very unlikely that someone can obtain the card details? If you’re not displaying it publicly, the newly generated number won’t be exposed.

If you’re not happy with this, just don’t use them. You can use the standard virtual card, delete it after it was used, and reissue a new one when needed.

That would work. How many times can you completely remove and then re-add a standard virtual card or disposable card?

There is a limit, but I can’t remember. Support should be able to tell you.