Freeze / Unfreeze a card

I used to have a separate card, which I use for online transaction when in slightest doubt. I keep this card strictly in “Freeze” status, unfreeze before a transaction and re-freeze immediately after.

Usually I’d call that a great feature.

Now I needed to unfreeze my card, but instead of unfreezing it, Revolut asked me to “verify my identity”.

If my identity was in doubt, why did the second card in the same account remain active?

If my identity was not in doubt, why is it arbitrarily suddenly checked, although I tried to do what I normally do?

In this case I just quickly switched to another card which I had handy, but that’s not always an option.

Will “unfreezing” be more complicated in the future than it used to be? Because if the answer is “yes” this will effectively render the (un)freeze functionality unusable/unreliable.


That’s how I do it too.


I also do it exactly as you write. Til now it never asked me to verify my identity.

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Revolut might be in the process of shifting you over to the EU based company where they hold their e-money license or even the Lithuanian banking entity

As such they’d need to reconfirm your identity (especially if you’ve verified with a driving license, as this is pretty much a UK institution specific thing as we don’t have national identity cards and use them in place of them for age verification and identity purposes)

I was also asked to re verify my identity even without any unusual using of Revolut account. After upgrade of the app. I asked support about it and they said that it is about preparing for the Brexit. As @Recchan mentioned above. I didn’t change my ID or any other data. Verification with same document takes about 2 minutes.

Since app update I have also been asked to verify my identity, after 4 years of being a customer and currently a beta tester. I assumed it was an error and am ignoring it until I get an explanation.

Must be an application error.

I am having exactly the same issues, I am continuously being harassed with pop-ups on my phone, emails etc, asking me to re-submit my ID due to some nonsense about Brexit, even though I have already done full Due Diligence ages ago and regularly use my card, I thought at first it was some sort of scam, but the messages appear to be coming from Revolut.