Freeze currency

One thing I’d like to avoid is saving in one currency and having transactions in another take some money if the funds aren’t available.

Would it be possible for a feature where you can stop certain currencies being used as a back up finding source?

In this instance I mean I have JPY stored on my revolut JPY wallet. But a transaction goes through on GBP but I didn’t have enough GBP to fund it. If I had a setting in JPY which made it immune from being a backup wallet as a source of funding, I can save and not worry that a Spotify subscription didn’t take a chunk of my saving.

And his feature could be toggled like the security features for the card, just with the specific wallet.

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It’s already available:

  • click the small icon in the top left corner, next to the currency list (on the blue background)
  • swipe the chosen currency left (not the main one for the account though)
  • choose “Deactivate”

You can activate/deactivate again chosen accounts any time

I am aware of this. But it’s impractical and isn’t designed to serve the purpose or method. But worth noting.

Is it possible to deactivate a currency account with a balance inside it?

Yes, I’ve tried it. You can deactivate any currency account (with or without funds on it), but not your main currency.

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