Freelancing in Portugal


There is no incorporation for freelancers in Portugal. I opened a professional activity in the fiscal system, which let me bill my client and produce official invoices.

Am I still eligible to open a business Revolut account? I have an american client and I would like to benefit from USD IBAN personal account in addition to a EUR account.

Also, there is no need for professional bank account for freelancers, so I am using my personal current account with no problem to run my activity.

Thanks for your help


Hi @aurelien

Yes, of course - Revolut for Business is the ideal account for freelancers working in a globalised world. :earth_americas:

Ok thanks! But I understand that personnal USD IBAN needs advanced oboarding right?

Which requires the following paperwork that does not seem to be compatible with Portuguese freelancer status (from the revolut FAQ):

  • Personnal details of at least 2 directors: Well, obviously a freelance cannot provide any additional director information beyond himself…
  • Name of company: this is just my name, there is no company name
  • Business bank statement: I don’t have a business bank account, just my personnal bank account
  • Certificate of incorporation: It is a simple declaration of starting a freelance activity, not a real company incorporation

So, 1. is the business account is still possible as a Freelance? And 2. Is the advanced onboarding available in this case? With specific/different paperwork then?


I started the sign up process anyway, and sent my documentation - looking forward to test this. It could be a real game changer for expat freelancers!

I’ll post my impressions here. Currently 495th on waiting list, patience :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok, that escalated quickly! I am already verified and seemingly able to use my business freelance account.

Now looking forward activating a personal IBAN currency account, but I can’t find the advanced onboarding, how should I proceed?

@aurelien Great to hear your account has been verified! :muscle:t2: I am afraid, for now, we are not able to provide unique Ibans for freelancers, however.

Ah. That’s unfortunate, as my client, for regulatory reasons, will not transfer money to an account that is not in my name (I suspect, like many companies)

Any hint on when this will be available? I guess I will have to close my account in the meantime :frowning:

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I’m in the same boat — went through onboarding, providing all the sensitive docs required, only to learn that the Revolut for Business website is inaccurate and this feature is unavailable. At least it doesn’t seem possible to get a non-freelancer account as a sole proprietor.

I too would appreciate some information about whether this is temporary or not, and will need to close my account before getting to use it :frowning: