Freelancer accounts discontinued

Hello, I am in the UK. I have had a mail today saying that the Freelancer account is being discontinued, and offering me the choice of a Business Basic account or a Revolut Pro account. I have two questions:

  1. Do I have to have an incorporated company to apply for a Business Basic account?

  2. Does the Revolut Pro account support integration with Freeagent in the same way that my current Freelancer account does?



@williamlees Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

  1. To learn more about the requirements for opening a Business account, you can check this link
  2. Yes, the Revolut Pro account integrates with FreeAgent just like your current Freelancer account.

Veda | Community team


The terms aren’t really clear. They say:

Accounts are for companies or sole traders that:
are already registered in your local Government Business Registration Service (with a valid registration number); and

Sole traders in the UK cannot be registered with Companies House, even if they wanted to. Are standard business accounts available to sole traders or not?

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This is indeed the question. The current UK Business Ts and Cs talk about a ‘local Government Business Registration Service’, but business in the UK aren’t registered with local Government. There is central Government registration for incorporated business, and sole traders are not registered. @Veda.Ramesh please can you clarify the position, for the UK - exactly what documents are required? Thanks!


@glesga @williamlees Unfortunately, Revolut Business is now only available for legal entities, partnerships, or sole traders that are registered with their local Business Registry. This decision we made after we reflected on how we can make sure our customers get the right experience from the right products.

Alternatively, we now recommend that unregistered freelancers apply for Revolut Pro which is better suited to their needs. If you have any questions about which product is right for you, please let us know.

We really appreciate your interest in Revolut Business and hope to be able to help you with your endeavors in the future. We hope you understand and wish you the best with your business.

To know more about the documents required for Business application please click here. :rocket:

Veda | Community team


@Veda.Ramesh That is exactly the problem. You’re including again “sole traders”, but say they need to be registered. It is simply not possible to be registered as a sole trader, Companies House as the registry for the UK wouldn’t even entertain that. The terms and conditions contradict themselves here.

We’re not interested in signing up, we already have a business account, which Revolut notified us will be “discontinued”. I don’t know when @williamlees signed up, when I did Revolut called it the “Grow Plan” and it was billed for companies, sole traders and freelancers. Revolut later rebranded it as “Freelancer” only, probably because with £7 it was just the cheapest account. Now you’re telling us we will be moved to a standard business account if we do nothing, but you’ll get in touch to check some details, without saying what these details are. This doesn’t instil confidence.


@glesga I totally understand your frustration. At this time, creating a Revolut Business account requires a registered Revolut user. Alternatively, they can use Revolut Pro if they are from IE, GB, FR, PL, RO, ES, LT, PT, IT, DE, GR, HU, CZ, NL, SE, BG, HR, AT, BE, CY, LV, MT, DK, EE, FI, IS, NO, SI and SK. :pray:

For more details on this I would advise you to contact us via in app chat support so that we can best assist you as per your needs.

Veda | Community team


This is the position that I am in, and as far as I can see Revolut Pro will work ok to me. I am grateful for your support here, it has been useful, but at the same time it took me a fair amount of digging to establish that I would likely be wasting my time applying for a business account, although this seemed to be the default path, judging from the mail I was sent. Given that there are 3.5M sole traders in the UK, I think you will save your users, and yourselves, a lot of time and energy if you make it clear in mails and supporting documents that only incorporated companies can apply for a business account, and others, including sole traders, don’t have this option but could switch to Revolut Pro.


@williamlees Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know about your experience. We’ll take your valuable feedback into account and pass it on to our team. :rocket:

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Hello Veda, can you please tell me how to integrate FreeAgent with my Revolut Pro account? With the Business account this was done on the Revolut Website, by selecting ‘Freeagent Integration’ from the Hub. When I log in to my personal account on the web, I don’t see this integration in the Hub, and in fact I can’t see my Pro accounts at all, I can only see my personal accounts, although I see the Pro account in the app. Thanks for your help.

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Hello @williamlees :wave:

If you signed up using the affiliate link, then you’re all set for the Pro benefits associated with the program.

The Revolut web version currently has limited functionalities and doesn’t display Pro features. It’s primarily designed for checking your standard Revolut account balance.

To access Revolut Pro on the app, use the account switcher feature. This will allow you to see and manage your Pro account.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

Thanks Veda, I can see the Pro account on my phone, but I can’t see how to link it to FreeAgent so that my transactions appear in FreeAgent. You told me earlier this is possiblem, I am just asking how to set it up. I can’t find any relevant help articles.

You can’t. Asked Freeagent directly and it’s not possible as Revolut doesn’t offer them connection to this particular account.
Revolut Pro is also not accessible via open banking so you cannot view it in any other financial app.
This is a royal pain as I have to add all transactions manually to my FreeAgent

This is the reply from FreeAgent:

Revolut has developed an integration that allows Revolut bank transactions to be automatically uploaded into a FreeAgent bank account however they have only currently developed this to FreeAgent for their business current accounts so I’m afraid your bank account type is not currently supported.
You could also raise this directly with Revolut to see if they have any plan to integrate their other bank account types to FreeAgent but to date I have no knowledge that they are planning this in the near future.

So, the ball is in Revolut’s court.