Free unlimited virtual card? A lie?


I subscribed to premium because you said we can get free unlimited virtual card instead of paying 6€ per card. But I cannot get more than 5. The whole year of premium costs me more than 5 cards at 6€. I don’t need the other service and I only was interested by the ‘unlimited’ virtual card. And nowhere in this offer you mentioned limit of 5.

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Hey @Zbog :slight_smile:

The limit is clearly stated here:

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It’s a faq. When I subscribed on the app I could read free unlimited virtual card. A small note with the limit of 5 is what they need to add even if it’s written in small characters.


Just curious. Why you need more than 5? I’d have one for Paypal and one for anything else :joy:

You can create unlimited number of cards, max 5 at once.


You can close topic I had answer from support. They will have a Look at it. It’s limited to 5 but the text wasn’t clear on the application.

I like to use different card for different subscription to keep track and control my spending.


I agree with @Zbog, 5 is FAR from unlimited.

Imagine if:

  • an internet provided said “unlimited internet” but really limited to 1 mbps with a 1 GB / month of traffic cap
  • Tesla advertised their cars having unlimited range, but really limited to 310 miles.

In my opinion, it’s only fine to advertise “unlimited” if it’s truly unlimited OR if the limit is really high, and really unlikely to be hit by any non-abusing customer (I understand all companies need to have limits in place to limit abuse)

5 does not fit this definition, if someone wanted to use one card per service (paypal, uber, amazon, etc) you might hit this limit real quick.

:r: : please update your app, the word “unlimited” isn’t right here.


I see multiple not unlimited…


Hey @quentinb :slight_smile:

Domino’s Pizza here offers “unlimited pizza” for 1 hour, and it’s unlimited indeed, but you can only order a maximum of two at a time. The amount of cards you can get for free is unlimited. The amount of cards you can hold at the same moment is not.

I guess the point of having free unlimited cards is so they’re fully disposable.


Domino’s definition of unlimited is also not right either imo.
Revolut virtual cards are not that disposable: we can only create 5 per month… Which means 60 per year. I don’t really call that unlimited.
If one wanted to really use one card per payment, he would be screwed. (I do far more than 5 payments per month online)

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Hey @quentinb :slight_smile:

If there’s also a monthly limit, then I fully agree. This is not unlimited at all.


Hey @Juliopp :raised_hand:
There is a monthly limit: What's the maximum virtual card amounts ?

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