Free unlimited FX volumes Questions


So, for Premium members one of the perks are:

Free unlimited FX volumes
Spend, transfer and exchange an unlimited amount of money anywhere in the world at the interbank exchange rate without fees.

Would it be fair to say that I can only transfer up to the ‘full’ amount I have on my Revolut acct and not an ‘Unlimited’ amount of money?


will I be able to deposit an ‘Unlimited’ amount of money to my Revolut account, which therefore I would be able to transfer any amount anytime anywhere?



I think the answer is you can deposit into your Revolut account funds up to your annual limit (which can be increased with proof of source documents), and then you have unlimited exchange backwards and forwards in the app or by using the card in a foreign currency up to the value of the funds you have deposited


Yeah your probably right.
Since Revolut applied for a banking license, do you think they would possibly get rid of the yearly limit? Maybe for premium users?
I guess one option is to have an online only bank account, that would allow for larger transaction in/out and maybe have a larger max limit on a daily basis


Hi @Pucksterpete,

You can increase your annual top up limit :slight_smile:


Hi. I did today but it’s not enough