Free Shares 📈

It would be a good idea to add a new referring campaign and this time it will be more focused on traders/investors, A lot of investment platforms offer this like Robinhood and Webull. Basically you refer a friend and you both receive a free share ranging from $3 to an amazing $1000 worth of share. Ideas?


Considering Revolut charge a holding fee I’d rather not get $1000 in share value and then pay 0.01% of that for nothing

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So basically you prefer not to receive an $1000 stock because you will need to pay $0.1 at the end of the year as a custody fee? You have to hold that stock for around 10,000 years (Excluding stock appreciation) in order to loose money on a free stock


Since trading is not available to all users, this “you both get something” won’t work.
Also, anything beyond 10-20€ would be unrealistic.

Free stocks are normally between $0-200. Not $1000, for a start

For another thing, it complicates my tax status to sell due to capital gains tax

For a third and final thing, custody fees are stupid and RobinHood is going to kill Revolut if they don’t axe that fee. They should just batch order standard customers and charge them for instant orders.



Trading is now available for all accounts.

$1000 was just an example.

This is a personal choice to keep or sell the received stock.

I totally agree with this, they should consider removing this fee before RobinHood enters the Uk market.

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No, it is not available in all countries.

Did not know that, I thought Trading is available in every country :r: is operating in. But check if trading in general is available for you.