Free revolut card promotion question?


I received an email about a free Revolut card today. It says that I can get a free card if I top up minimum of 10 pounds and then order the card. I’ve previously topped up more than 10 pounds to my account (and have more in my balance as well), does this fulfill the condition for the promotion?

Right now, when I try to order a standard card I get to the delivery method screen and it asks me to pay for delivery or upgrade to premium. Is this because I haven’t triggered the promotion or do I have to pay for delivery even with the promotion?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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Complete your delivery process with 5.99 and then ask for a delivery refund.

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I had the same question and I am currently chatting to support. Will let you know once I get an answer…

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So I just got an answer saying I should order with the normal delivery option and they will refund the money.

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Do you know if refund is automatic or I have to contact them somehow?

After I asked in the in app chat the normal delivery option changed to 0. So maybe best for you to ask.

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Wow, I tried ordering the card again and this time the standard delivery option was free, did not need to ask for refund.

Thanks for the help guys!

Did you send an email or something to change it to free? I have the same problem, but after many times, it always has the option to pay 5.99€

I think I reloaded the app or restarted my phone and it changed, not sure. If that doesn’t help you can ask them for a refund as someone suggested in the thread.

Best of luck!