Free premium membership

introduce a posibility to get premium membership free of charge if you hold a certain amount of money in accounts or have certain flow of money in/out, similar to some banks private banking agreements.


Actually not a bad idea.

As an example, my bank offers me private banking (gold visa cards with unlimited cash withdrawal, travel medical insurance, airport lounges access, dedicated person to assist) worth 10eur a month if i have min 2500 eur transctions each month.

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Good idea.
Considering they’re just breaking even, I guess if this ever happens it won’t be anytime soon. But it’s still a good idea :+1:

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Maybe in future :slight_smile: :+1:

They need Banking licence first to offer such a perks :slight_smile:

This could simply mean more business for R. Imagine people quiting their regular banks and using R only. Premium fee is 6.5 eur, that is 0.26% of 2500 eur or 0.065% of 10,000 eur. More money more business.

Out of curiosity, which bank is it?

It’s Otp bank…

That’s a really nice idea :relaxed:

We’re looking into something similar. As soon as we’ve got something to share, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Thank you for your ideas/feedback!


Any updates on this @AndreasK? I’d be happy to hold minimum 5-6k€ to get something like this. Maybe minimum 10k balance and you’d open up free metal? Surely with Revolut becoming a bank in the next year or so you’ll be able to lend the money we store out, could be worth it.

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