Free Physical Card delivery Promotion


I could not enjoy the promotion of free physical card delivery because Revolut took 2 days from Saturday 9 to validate my account, which is outside the limit of the promotion.

It’s not fair not to enjoy the promotion because my account has been validated outside the deadline … especially considering that it is assumed that registering in Revolut is easy and takes little time…

I would like to know if this has only happened to me or to more people and to be able to claim jointly, since after claiming it via Chat they did not give me any solution and they stuck to the terms of the promotion


Hi there, have you had your account verified yet? I did mine Sunday 11th and still waiting to hear. I deposited £10 and very worried that I have just lost this now. Have you received a response from anyone yet? Awfu service!


My account was finally verified yesterday, they resolved my claim via chat


Ok that’s good - fingers crossed they do the same for me soon too! I travel on 26th March so hoping to receive my card and have it verified by then! But I am losing confidence after these initial problems!


Hi I am just wondering do any of you know if it is still free to get a physical card on Revolut? Like when you are registering, if you choose to get a physical card instead of the virtual card is the only payment you will have to make for the delivery charge?


aparantly theres a promo on instagram rn, but hurry quick


It’s only for new customers :frowning:


Hi, I mean when you register first and are choosing the card, if you choose to get the physical card free?
I will pay the devilery fee I just want to know are the cards free in general?


After you pay and activate your card you simply ask for refund, practically it’s free.


So can I get a refund for the delivery?
Is the first card always free, no matter if it is physical or virtual, I will only pay the delivery charge?


5 minutes ago I just create a free virtual card. One week ago was at the same price at physical.

In October my physical card going to expire so I don’t know if the first card is free for new accounts. For my case it was.

Yes, you can ask for delivery refund!