Free Metal Plan!!!!

Last week I was asked to submit supporting documents for my deposits. It was nothing unusual. I submitted the documents. After a day, I was contacted by a customer rep to answer a couple of questions. He quickly verified the source of funds and confirmed that all was in order. It didn’t impact my access to the account and funds. In order to compensate the inconvenience caused due to this verification process, I was offered a month of Metal Plan. Initially I wasn’t too thrilled. When I tried to order a card, I was able to order a Metal card; that was really the icing on the cake. And the card was delivered within 4 days. Keep it up Revolut!!!


And now you have to pay for the other 11 months? :rofl:


Actually, a question is due. Now that you have tasted it, are you moving to Metal for a year?

It is a no commitment trial. I will decide at the end of the month.