Free First Virtual Card after Physical Card

Why Isn’t it possible to add a Free First Virtual Card after having ordered a Physical Card ? The app says 6€ will be charged.

The other way around (Virtual followed by Physical) isn’t a problem.

Can something been done by support ? IMHO this is mentioned nowhere and a pity if the wrong order is used

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The 2nd card is never free. Check FAQs for all card related fees! It does not matter which card, physical or virtual, you order first. Total fees are the same.

I doubt about that !

The First Virtual is AFIK always free
The First Physical is never free (except during the past free-offer period)

During the past free-offer period I ordered first a Virtual and then a Physical, both Free

During the same another person ordered First a Physical and then a Virtual and would have to pay 6 € for the Virtual

In that case, outside the free-offer period
Virtual + Physical would cost 6 €
Physical + Virtual would cost 12 €

It was a promo for the plastic cards.

They’re not free now.

I know that … and that wasn’t the question

There are two different costs related to cards:

Issuance: 1st card free, virtual or physical does not matter
Shipping: only if applicable

That’s true. That is due to the campaign where they liftet the issuance and the shipping fess for a 1st physical card.

Am a student, and was wondering if it’s possible to get my first physical Revolut card delivery fee waived off

Sometimes Revolut has limited promotions where they’re sending out cards for free. Besides that, my guess is you will have to pay for delivery.