Free Cards for Family

Over this past couple of years I have recommended and sent at least 7 people to Revolut and each of them have taken up your card and each continue to spread the word.
Only a couple of weeks ago I referred one of my brothers in Paris, Des Cooney and he too has signed up. Today I sent an invite to my daughter Rian Cooney who is taking a gap year to travel Australia and Asia and she too has signed up. However, my daughter has just now informed me that you require a £4.99 fee for the card and I was under the impression that family referrals were FREE as I remember getting an email about this.
So my question is can you waive the fee for my daughter please as I can assure you that she too will continue to spread the word to her fellow gap year student friends as I have done.
Please advise.
Thank you
Gabe Cooney

Try contacting the support team in the InApp chat, I am sure they’ll do something to reward you :wink: