Free card

Have received an email offering a free physical card. When I go to the app to order it, there is a €6 charge. Do I need to do something else?

Do you have any existing cards (including virtual cards)?

I was hoping to avail of the free physical card and I have this issue too. I have a virtual card set up already. The promotion language is a bit misleading if you can’t get your first physical card for free but hopefully I’m wrong?

“To celebrate our launch in Ireland, we’re giving 10,000 Irish users their first physical Revolut card for free”

Hi, this is my similar problem. I have a virtual card and thus ordering the phisical card count as an additional card which cost 6 Euros.
If delete my virtual card and I order the phisical one will I still have to pay? And when I order the new phisical card will I have immidaitely have also the virtual one?

Thank you

Please see the post below.

Ok nice. Last question. When I order my new phisical card will I have immadiately also the virtual one?

The physical debit cards and virtual debit cards are separate.

If you want a new virtual card in addition to the new physical debit card, you will have to pay the fee.

If you are talking about viewing the card details for the new physical debit card that you have just ordered, then yes, you will be able to see the card number, expiry date and security code of your physical card, in the app before it is delivered.