Free card offer for Greek users doesn’t work


I’m trying to order a new physical card, using the offer for new users registered in Greece until 20/04/2018. Instead of that, I see a €6 charge for that.

When do you see that? Usually it works like this:

  • you are signing to revolut (using special link)
  • you have to topup your account (AFAIR 10 EUR)
  • you are ordering your card
    If you have special link, and you past steps which I’ve written above here you should see that delivery is free

Hi Angel. This promo for a free card is only available to new greek users. They need to sign up via this link:

Let me know if you need help.

Why do you need to topup? What will happen to the 10 euro? Will I be able to get it back?

System is configured in that way that checks if you have enough money to order the card.
Probably when you’re starting the process system doesn’t know about the price but when you’re in process you have proper information abut the price.
Money can be just spend by you (by card) or sent to you any external account

If you are a Greek resident and use the promo link to sign up then you don’t need to have 10EUR in your account.

It is new for me! Do another links with free card work in the same way? (Top up for i.e. 20 PLN can be skipped?)

The promo link didn’t work. I download the app from google store. Can I still get the card for free? Should I uninstall it and try again?

Promo works usually for new customers only. So if you have a Revolut account- promo won’t be available for you. (at least for the same phone number)

But I am a new customer. I just couldn’t download the app via the promo link.

Promo link directs to Revolut website. Then you have to provide your Greek phone number.
After it you will get an SMS with link to download the app :slight_smile:

The phone browser could not open the link. I had to download it from Google store.

Which one link? Promo or from SMS?
It can be difficult to take a part with this promo without downloading the app using link from SMS

Here it is:

Apologies, you will need to top up your account to get a free card. My fault.

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Thanks. Can I top up my account using a bank account instead of a credit card?

Yep, simply via SEPA transfer.

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On the same topic, I am trying to top up my account (so that I can order my Revolut card) using any of my credit or debit cards, but for all of them I receive the message “This card type is not supported”. I tried Visa and Mastercard, credit or debit cards, from two different major Greek banks.

Hey @nplatis :slight_smile:

Greek cards are not supported due to capital controls
You’ll have to stick to transfer top-up for now :frowning:

EDIT: added orientative graphic regarding colorful cards

Greek you mean! hahaha

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