Free card offer does not exist

Hello. I’ve just created my account and it is brand new. I have transfered funds to revoult, but do not have card yet. When I’ve tried to ordet one (physical), the free offer does not exist. Am I doing something wrong, or free card offer was excluded even for new users?

The card itself is free. Shipping isn’t. (Your 1st virtual card would be without any costs.)

There were marketing campaigns in several markets a while ago, where the shipping fees were suspended for new users. That’s over now, I believe.

Different for each country. In Norway you have to pay for the card, also virtual, but you can have it shipped for free.

Even if it is the fist card and not a “spare” card?

Yes. Just ordered the first for my wife😀

No I am confused. You write “first”. But it wasn’t the first? :wink:

Sorry, I helped my wife order her first (the first) card. So you don’t need to be confused. :joy: It was the same for me when I ordered the first.

Sorry, my fault, you had to pay for the 1st card? That’s new. Interesting.

But the delivery was free, and still is for the second as well. (And the virtual😜)

For Premium users it’s free, for Standard you have to pay…

Sure, that’s right. I believe shipping costs can differ from country to country. But the spare card fee does not.