FRee Card Czech republic


I read in a local newspaper about a free physical card for the new user in the Czech Republic, but when I want to order it in the app, it says “Spare card fee is 145,99 Kč”…

so is the card free and I doing something wrong?


Have you already created card ?
Either physical or virtual ?
Normally first card is free and only postage left to pay :slight_smile:

My friend used my “link” and the card was free - only top-up of 300 CZK as pre-condition.

The offer is most likely only available for new users, who haven’t already ordered a card :slight_smile:

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I created virtual card first.

I am a new user. I have registred today.
There should be a promo event at Czech republic which (after adding 300CZK to account and ID verification) should send you a card … for free (free = free card and free delivery).

I cannot see this option either.
Free option is just with Premium (which is paid and I dont have),
or by 514CZK or 99CZK delivery fee.

Did you use any promo link?

I hope it get link from:

(but none SMS arrived and I guess GooglePlay didnt install app via this link but directly).

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I’m new user, but I “order” virtual card first.

I don’t use any promo link.

Any 2nd card is considered a “spare” card, unfortunately and comes with a fee for issuance.

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So … no free card right? Only classic market *@#^@% to attract more customers. Oh.
(oh, it’s fine, just checking how thinks are).

Still 3 more days to fulfill this obligation.

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Please contact our in-app support team so that we can help you.