“Free ATM withdrawals” are not really free


So, the other day, I want to have €20 and I’ve got a withdrawal from a standard ATM machine.

I’ve got a huge surprise when I see a 0,12€ fee for “Irish Stamp” (yeah I’m currently based in Ireland).

I’ve got other several bank accounts and none of them charges me for ATM withdrawals because they announce “free atm withdrawals”.

I’ve contact the support about this issue and basically they say “we are merely following the Irish law”.

(I wonder if other banks are not?!)

I feel like I was fooled into open a bank account free of charges but guess what? It’s not…

I wondering if there are other fees that Revolut should warn their customer so they are not caught surprise?

I’m really disappointed and I feel like my trust was compromised.


Hey rjcarneiro

Where do you see the fee, on the receipt from the machine or in the Revolut app ?

Edit: According to this site (not sure if it is an official site or not) the fee is charged by the government and you should see it using your other cards also



This is also stated in the terms which you accepted when signing up with Revolut (section 38.6)


You cannot blame Revolut in each case when other company/ authority gets local fee/ tax…
It isn’t Revolut’s fault. They don’t get charge you fee if you don’t exceed monthly 200 EUR/ GBP, 800 PLN/ RON, etc. withdrawal.


Well, Revolut says (and not in the terms and conditions) that ATM transactions are free up to 200€.

I have several other banks and those banks don’t charge me nothing.

This is happening in Ireland. What about Spain? Croatia? Portugal, Germany, etc?


The Irish government impose a fee of 12c on each ATM withdrawal up to a yearly cap of €5/yr for combined ATM / debit cards. This fee is applicable for all banks in Ireland, not just Revolut. BTW, you will find if you have other Irish issued cards, they will also have a charge - but other Irish banks normally take the fee annually in one lump sum (up to €5)


Check your T&C with your other irish banks, you’ll find the fee there, too, most likely an annual fee or something though there as some others pointed out already.

KBC Ireland for example:

"Government Charges
KBC is legally obliged to apply government stamp duty to the use of your KBC Debit Card. The
way in which you use your debit card will determine the amount of duty that is applied. Duty is
automatically charged to your account annually in January for the proceeding year;
i) KBC Debit Card - ATM or POS use only €2.50 annually
ii) KBC Debit Card - Combined use of ATM and POS facilities €5.00 annually
Note: Stamp Duty on cheques drawn from your KBC Current Account are included in the fee of
€3.17. These rates are set by the Government are subject to change. The rate set out above is the
current applicable rate. "

Again, this has nothing to do with Revolut but with an irish tax that applies to everyone/every bank.


You guys are right.

May I delete the thread ?