Free ATM Map


ATM withdrawal is often not free, even with a Premium card. It would be great if there was a button taking you to Google Maps with the free ATMs marked around your current location. Could also then allow users to rate ATMs (never has enough cash, etc…). My own experience in Spain is that probably more than 50% of ATMs charge fees and some of them really excessive: Santander charges 5€ flat fee, even if you only withdraw 20€ !

#2 could be useful.

Developed by @Juliopp.


That’s exactly what we need ! Just need to include the other banks - and have a link on the app.


That’s still…

  • under very early development
  • only valid in Spain yet until I receive user feedback


Sorry - didn’t see that you had already included the other banks - excellent work. Let’s hope someone from Revolut picks up on it and includes it in the next version. User comments and rating would also be great


If the users could add their own ATMs with comments, I reckon it would pretty soon have most ATMs included.


Hey @Matt99, let me briefly elaborate on how this works.
The tool displays all the ATMs on the Openstreetmap’s database (which is open, and you can - and should - expand! :smile:).
Then, it uses certain filters to guess whether it’s free or not (really basic) based on user input :face_with_monocle:

Who can add/edit ATMs: anyone, approved by the OSM community
Who can edit “free/paid” rules: anyone, approved by me (this can be changed with further development :wink:)

I’ll try to explain this on a separate post to gather user input.


That’s brilliant - just what we need. How can we convince someone at Revolut to include this ?



:r: hires @Juliopp . :wink:


I’m sorry but I have a strict policy of accepting exclusively pizza coupons as a mean of payment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No, seriously, I feel flattered but I’d be so nice to see :r: partnering with Google or Visa or MasterCard to offer something like this, even if it’s not 99.99% reliable and directly accesible through the app (maybe through the forum or so)



I’m working on that as I’m typing. Genius :smile: