Fraugelent payment cancelation


Dear Revolut community,

I have had a very unpleasant experience when I was scamed by (email address website as trust pilot website has indicated that it is a fraugelent website and you never receive the item or you receive some 1 dollar stuff when you initially have ordered pair of shoes for much more. Also it raised my suspicion when I paid in GBP but it was converted to Chinese currency. Payment is still being showed as pending so I am wondering if it is possible to cancel the transaction? I have contacted Revolut support but they said there is nothing that could be done but when I read terms and conditions there is a line which says that if I am to close my Revolut account all pending instructions will be canceled. Does that mean that pending payment will be canceled as well? Otherwise I have been told to wait until the scammer takes the money, I get no trainers, ask for a refund and don’t get it. Only then will Revolut intervene. Any other suggestions?