Fraudulent use


My card was used in a UK withdrawal distributor while I am in France. My card has not been lost, it is in my possession.

In addition, the withdrawal made in this ticket dispenser is 50 pounds. My account did not own it but the withdrawal was still allowed. I end up with my account which is debtor.

How can my card be used in another country where I am not and above all, how could this withdrawal be authorized when I did not have the money on my account ???

I can not contact customer service to help me.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried to contact them via in-app chat?
Why you cannot do it?
You have to wait long or there is another reason?

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Was it an actual withdrawal or maybe an online transaction? In case of the former, it might be that your card’s magstripe was cloned at some point.

Why cant you contact their customer support?

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It’s good the problem is solved, I got my money back.

The customer service (Lionel M.) contacted me to tell me he was having a problem. Lione M. was very helpful, thanks to him.

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