Fraudulent Transactions


I have had 3 fraudulent transactions occur on my revolut account and have provided a Police report to verify the fraud. Having spoken persistently to your customer services, you have advised that in direct contrast to International Financial Regulations, that you are unable to assist me in ensuring that my funds are returned to me. This does not reflect well on your services. Should I persist in contacting your customer services or should I go directly to FSC? I also note that you are attempting to obtain a European Licence, maybe I should contact them instead? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated


I’m waiting my 4000 now 3 weeks , same answers from support everyday , please be give us more time we checking this for you , and this every day since 1 December


HI @CharlyClark. As I can see an agent has replied and discussed this with you.

Unfortunately, after a long investigation the beneficiary bank has rejected our request to recall these transfers. I’m extremely sorry.


As I understand, financial banking regulations stipulates that as they are
both fraudulent transactions backed up by a police report, you have the
right to reclaim and it is your responsibility to ensure that the funds are
returned from the recipient bank. Do you operate differently from other
banking institutions? If so please advise in order that I can ensure that
all your other clients are made aware of this issue should they be
unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar position!


Hey @CharlyClark :slight_smile:

If the transaction was a transfer, then it will probably be impossible to revert without the cooperation of the destination bank. Usual chargeback requests / disputes are done with card payments :frowning:

I don’t know what’s the situation like in your country, but here in Spain banks might take anywhere between 30 and 120 days to answer to this kind of issues.