Fraudulent Transactions

I have had 3 fraudulent transactions occur on my revolut account and have provided a Police report to verify the fraud. Having spoken persistently to your customer services, you have advised that in direct contrast to International Financial Regulations, that you are unable to assist me in ensuring that my funds are returned to me. This does not reflect well on your services. Should I persist in contacting your customer services or should I go directly to FSC? I also note that you are attempting to obtain a European Licence, maybe I should contact them instead? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated


I’m waiting my 4000 now 3 weeks , same answers from support everyday , please be give us more time we checking this for you , and this every day since 1 December

HI @CharlyClark. As I can see an agent has replied and discussed this with you.

Unfortunately, after a long investigation the beneficiary bank has rejected our request to recall these transfers. I’m extremely sorry.

As I understand, financial banking regulations stipulates that as they are
both fraudulent transactions backed up by a police report, you have the
right to reclaim and it is your responsibility to ensure that the funds are
returned from the recipient bank. Do you operate differently from other
banking institutions? If so please advise in order that I can ensure that
all your other clients are made aware of this issue should they be
unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar position!


Hey @CharlyClark :slight_smile:

If the transaction was a transfer, then it will probably be impossible to revert without the cooperation of the destination bank. Usual chargeback requests / disputes are done with card payments :frowning:

I don’t know what’s the situation like in your country, but here in Spain banks might take anywhere between 30 and 120 days to answer to this kind of issues.

I just created an account to ask how I can report a bank transfer from my Revolut account as a fraud, but I can’t post new topics nor find any way to contact Revolut agents to report it. I can reply though. Can someone tell me how I can report a fraud, please? I have a police report number.

Hi, I’ve paid for internet shopping with my revolutionary card but I’ve figured out that this shop is fake and probably I’ll never get my items. The transaction status is not completed, they haven’t received money yet. Can I cancel this payment? I’m new here, please help me :slightly_smiling_face:

i have been a victim of fraudulent activity tonight for a total of £3,500 i have been waiting on chat now for 5 hours trying to find out if my account has been secured. i have a police crime number which i have passed on. they have transferred the money to another revolut account so no chargeback service available for this to reclaim the money

Hi, I had a similar experience on Saturday. Fake Revolut agent call and proceeding to take 3k from my account … I’m getting very unclear communication from Revolut on this ‘the relevant dept is looking into this’. What are our rights on this and how did you proceed to claim your money back? Thank you

I don’t get it. How can a fake :r: agent call you and take 3K from your account? Have you transferred the money to a foreign account? Have you handed out your pass code and verification code? Why should :r: compensate you?

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Hello everyone. Today, strange transactions appeared on the account. I put Screens. Of course, I blocked the card. Someone had something similar?

I had two fraudulent transaction my account today.
£2000 is taken out of my account, I tried to contact customer service but I got nowhere and still waiting on someone to reply .
Please tell me what’s going to happen and how would I get my money back.

Hello some one have a direct nomber for Revolut, as i call this nr 01274792326 the person pretend to be from Revolut and he connected thrue a app to my wife phone and made transactions over 15000 £. Now her card is blocked we cand find a direct nr. Cyber crime police is investigating the case. She verry opsed as she needs the account running for business purposes

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Have had similar problems, transactions leaving the account … one still pending, but nothing from customer support.

There is no direct phone number for Revolut except, I believe an automated line to report card loss. App contact only I’m afraid. Anyone who says he/she is calling you from Rev is 99.999% sure to be a scammer. BEWARE

Hello Hajar, did you ever managed to get your money back? The same thing happened to me and Revolut is not providing any sort of anewer!

My card was stolen on the weekend (along with my Lloyds cards.) Revolut has told me I can’t initiate a chargeback until I have the full police report from the UK police (I have applied for this.) They won’t accept just the case number. The report will take up to 20 business days to get to me, assuming I even get it.

Lloyds already got my money back. They did not require the police report. When asked why Revolut wants this the response from a Revolut agent was a standard “we’re not a bank” statement complete with mostly irrelevant detail which had nothing to do with my request.

How is it Lloyds already got me my money back and Revolut won’t even accept my application for a chargeback for potentially a month while I wait for a police report?

@anon33247966, you seem to be in the know with Revolut, are you able to advise here?

Sorry for not starting a new topic but this site won’t let me.


Sorry for not starting a new topic but this site won’t let me do it neither. I don’t have any twitter account to have support by this way.

I think I was a victim of identity theft, at least fraud or attempted fraud a few days ago.

I was contacted by a French mobile phone number, to have me open a temporary Revolut account to recover money from a subsidiary of another bank where I actually had an account. So I thought I was really dealing with someone from Revolut.

He had me open an account with sending my ID card and facial recognition but I was never able to access the app after. He explained to me that it was an inactive account just to send a Card to settle the account and that’s why I didn’t have access to it. It was October 8 … of course I received nothing. After calling the number in question, I came across a voicemail from a French bank that obviously had nothing to do with Revolut (I think it’s a fake voicemail too), so I came to think that I was a victim of fraud or attempted fraud.

Today I began to recreate an account by reinstall the app but I stopped everything. In fact I don’t know exactly what to do. I would like to be contacted by someone from Revolut (a real one this time, speaking French if possible).
I will give to him/her all the details.

No need to say, it’s an emergency.

This is a user community, there is no Revolut support here. In the linked topic below there can be found several ways how to contact Revolut support.

I would also file this with police. When an account in one’s name is involved in money laundering and other fraudulent transactions, one might end up in more trouble. You can contact Revolut immediately on social media. I would recommend Twitter.