Fraudulent transactions with my card

A significant amount has been lifted from my account in a few minutes (fraudulent transactions, I only spotted by accident), but there is no support available, not even a number to call.

I have blocked my card(s), what can be done to block the amounts to be paid / to revert payment?

When you open a fraudulent transaction there is a link at the bottom “Something wrong? Get help!” It should get you to chat with support and charge back team

Thanks - that got me to chat that was not available by default as it’s already the weekend. Anyway, trying now as ‘Premium’…

the lack of support is killing this company


Well, support is definitely an area where Revolut could do with some improvements. Though - and I am not referring to the OP of this thread - the blatant daftness of many customers is not to be underestimated either.

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Hey @tussancs :slight_smile:

Chat is available 24/7 for both premium and free users, regardless of what it says on the “Contact us” page :wink:

Thanks, I tried to use it some time ago over the weekend, but received a message saying something like ‘chat support is unavailable now’, with the weekday business hours mentioned. Maybe this changed in the meanwhile?

Edit: clarified for the in-app support, apparently this changed recently.

To whomever with the same issue: the amounts actually have to be charged (changed from ‘pending’), then you have to start the chargeback procedure that can take up to 45 business days.

I have no major issue with Revolut support so far (maybe except for the need to upgrade to Premium to get immediate help), but in my experience ‘normal’ banks tend to be more protective. I had cards automatically frozen with one suspicious transaction, while here 3 big amount purchases in a few minutes (one in the UK, one in Luxembourg and one in Finland) were apparently not suspicious enough for automated action - maybe some constructive feedback to Revolut?

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Just to close the thread: good news, the amounts have been refunded as a result of the chargeback process.
To sum up, in case of any fraudulent transactions 1. block the card in the app / via phone 2. contact support for the chargeback form once the transactions are completed.

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