Fraudulent Transactions - how long to wait to speak to an agent??

I have been waiting to speak to an agent for almost 24h regarding fraudulent transactions. As recommended by previous posts, the card is cancelled and a new one reordered however I’ve been waiting to speak to an agent and so far only the frustrating message that an agent will be with you shortly to torment me. Is such a delay what previous users have experienced?? I’ve tried tweeting @RevolutApp which unfortunately is more interested in retweeting positive customer experiences rather than deal what is currently a dreadful one

Unfortunately this is the norm. :r: support is notoriously slow even at its best.

For me – ad a Premium user but also before – that was never true. :man_shrugging:t3:

Secondly: Did you write them in the chat what’s wrong and then type live agent or just the magic words live agent?

thanks for the input. i had a feeling this was the case and now at 48h without any response from them it seems a kinda outrageous model to run for dealing with criminal account use. with regards to the live agent request i have basically tried all combinations possible including photos of the incorrect transactions. so i guess i just wait and feel consoled in that all their customers are to expect a similarly low level of care.