Fraudulent Transaction - Security Flaw in Disposable Cards?

I don’t get it: why is it still not possible to freeze/disable the virtual disposable cards until you use them? Or just an option to generate them before you them (auto-generation of a new one after the payment disabled).

It is possible to deactivate them.

It’s not an elegant way to stop the automatic refresh, but you can disable the card after you’ve used it. A new card number is then issued when you want to view the card details the next time, but there’s no active card lingering in your account.

It is only possible to terminate the card. OK, better than nothing. :slight_smile:
But the virtual disposable card should switch to this state after every usage. Or add a freeze option!

Btw. the Android app has a/some bug(s): e.g.:

When you click “Terminate/cancel card” it shows the following text:

“If you only want to deactivate the card temporarily you can freeze it in the settings.”

My Revolut app no longer uses the system language, it only displays german text.

Reactivating after termination is really quick. It’s one tap, just like with frozen cards.

I agree that the UX is not designed for this. It’s a workaround.

I regularly get notifications that I don’t have enough money in my account for transactions, but there shouldn’t be any transactions. I also occasionally get incorrect CVV notifications when I’m not making a transaction.

I won’t keep any money in my account. I transfer money in to use it and transfer it straight back out if there’s any left.

I actually found this because I noticed there was no disposable card and I was wondering if this is something people were notified about. They might have just decided they were costing them too much in fraudulent transactions. Or maybe they’re actually fixing the issues? Or maybe it’s just temporarily not working.

My disposable card still shows up and works fine
Used my card 3 days ago to buy flight ticket

Hi @username2.0 and welcome
Have you read this reference on keeping your card details safe?

You can select Cards in your Home screen, click on Get Card and go for a single-use virtual card. Once the card has been used, it is immediately replaced with a new one with a different set of numbers.

Yes, these are the ones that seem to be an issue. There’s my physical card and the disposable cards. It’s definitely not the physical card, it hasn’t even been activated, I got a new one that also hasn’t been activated. I only use the disposable ones as that’s the only thing that sets Revolut apart for me. I use other banks for everything else and have never once had an issue with fraudulent transactions (it hasn’t been an issue with Revolut either as I don’t keep money in the account, I just get notified that a transaction was attempted but there wasn’t enough money).

Anyway, the disposable cards are not available to me at the moment. I’ve used a virtual card and terminated it after use, which seems like a safer option anyway, so all good.

I used it yesterday, but went to use it today and it was gone. I didn’t check if I got a new one and it disappeared or if I just didn’t get a new one. It’s not an option in ‘Get Card’. It’s probably safer to use the virtual card and terminate it after use anyway. Maybe I’ll see how that goes for a while.

For the notification I get the same without payment tentative so I would say it’s probably just revolut that send the email when your balance is under xx to make you top up your account. Would be nice to be able to personnalize it though, I do not need Revolut to remind me I am broke haha

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Just had the same happen to me, my phone on charge next to my bed, a disposable card used to make a purchase.
Revolut insist it’s my fault, only way to make a claim is to vindicate yourself as it says:

“This 3D secured online transaction was made by someone else without my permission

As the transaction was approved in Revolut App,”

This without any shadow of doubt is not true unless someone broke into my house, got past my alarm, cctv, ring doorbell, came upstairs to my room, unlocked my phone, used my app, all for a few pounds then went out without trace.

Revolut have a security issue and will not admit it, I have frozen my cards and had to ask them many times to disable virtual cards as you cannot do that yourself, they have to do it manually.

I tried to close my account but can’t because of this issue so have emptied all funds.

They will not admit they could possibly be wrong, I have contacted the FCA, Action Fraud, made an official complaint to as recommended by the FCA giving them 15 days to respond.

I loved Revolut until today, I will never trust them again.

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Join the club. I am still fighting my case. Lost £385 pounds

After reading all of these cases each day I have terminated my disposable card. I freeze my virtual cards and only unfreeze them in the moment during a purchase - also set a limit on some of them.

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Update: on 20-Sept, after me logging the same complaint for the 3rd time… I believe it was thanks to the merchant returning the funds, that I got the dispute settled. Good on for having their books in order.
Shame on Revolut for not taking responsibility.
I have deleted any disposable cards and emptied my funds. Back to the competitor…

Good luck all that have these fraudulent transactions happening to them. Not sure if someone malevolent is actually triggering them, or if it’s a technical malfunction with real transactions getting duplicated somehow.

How could you terminate your disposable card?
I’ve done that successfully before, but after a recent update, a new “single-use virtual card” was installed and now when I choose “terminate this card” it refreshes to another “single-use virtual card”. so, it seems that I can’t get rid of that dreadful card…
I’ve noticed that after choosing “terminate this card” another “single-use virtual card” appears but has a padlock symbol within a text below it, so I assume this means that the “single-use virtual card” is visible but is not activated.
Also, the deactivated card is only visible on the phone app, it’s not visible on Revolut’s PC website.

Nothing from Revolut yet. They have not even contacted about the three transactions.

Yes I noticed that also after terminating it - guess it appears just as an option to activate it if you want.

Disposal cards are not Disposal

I like disposal cards and use them a lot. It is supposed to be that you can use it only once. It turns out that it’s not.

I have some disagreements with a hosting company about their charges; we were discussing the issue.

At the same time, last week, they tried to charge my disposal card (blocked and reissued in June), but the payment was declined because the card is inactive. Good!

However, today they managed to charge this card, and my balance became negative by a few hundred pounds.

I went to support to ask how it’s even possible to charge a disposable card again after four months since it was blocked.

I’ve received an answer that it’s possible and any merchant could do so — any amount without your confirmation.

They promote disposal virtual cards as a safe way to pay. In reality, it’s even more dangerous because there’re a few dozens of used cards, I don’t even have a list of them, but each merchant could charge me again… so weird.

The bottom line:

  • Disposal card was blocked and reissued in June
  • The same card was charged again in October (not old authorisation, a new offline payment)
  • Revolut: this is ok!