Fraudulent transaction charged back. Thank you Revolut!



Just wanted to share a positive note about Revolut Team here.

On the 6th of February I was notified of a transation I did not make (~ £80). I contacted the support via the app chat and the live agent got me through the required steps:

  • Block card
  • Report it as stolen
  • Order new card
  • Fill out chargeback form

Revolut refunded the new card delivery fees instantly and charged back the whole amount on my account within 13 days.

So thank you for that Revolut team! :star_struck:

On a side note, when I received my new card, the envelope was torn apart and came into a plastic bag from the Royal Mail (UK) with this written on it: “Our sincere apologies. We are very sorry that this item has reached you in this condition”.

Obviously I won’t use this new card because it could easily have been taken out the envelope given its condition.

I hope I won’t get charge for the new card order, I’ll keep you guys posted.



Great to hear!

Will :r: make it also possible to have a insurance for purchases(if your package dont arrive or is broken)?

That would be great with the fraud “insurance”


Thank you for the tip @yout.

My new card is on its way, fees refunded. Hope it will arrive in one piece this time.