Fraudulent atm withdrawals of £2000


Just as I turned on my WiFi on honeymoon as we reached our next destination in South Africa, I looked at my revolut account and noticed 10 withdrawals from the last 60 minutes at an atm somewhere in South Africa. I managed to freeze my account in time to save the last £200 being removed but the rest is gone. I eventually got through to the online support after one hour (there is no way I could see to call up a Emergency line) and they were unable to start the chargeback process (the security process revolut use for fraudulent activity) as the transactions were still classed as ‘pending’ even though they were atm transactions. So I can only go forward with this as soon as the transactions have officially changed from ‘pending’ to ‘successful’ all the while thieves are walking around with £2000. Safe to say this is a devastating thing to happen on honeymoon. I have only withdrew money from an atm on 2 occasions whilst on holiday as I prefer using the revolut card to its potential by card payments rather than atm withdrawals. The atm must have been rigged and my card has been skimmed. I don’t know how they do it without my pin our my card as it never left my possession. Any help would be great. Very disappointed but the priority would be to gain reassurance that we will get this money back. I have been very careful with my revolut card, blocking contactless payments for example. Anyway any help would be amazing thanks


Hey @peebrads :slight_smile:

First of all, sorry this happened during your honeymoon, nobody deserves this! :pensive:

In second place, more bad news: even though the chargeback process is quite easy, it’s long. It can take up to two-three months, and you can’t start it, as you stated, until transactions are settled. Relax, there’s nothing to do now; it’ll take up to 7 days for them to settle, just check from time to time :face_with_monocle:

But now, the good part. Chances are you’ll get your money back. 100% of it. Things might go wrong, but this is the most probable scenario :wink:

I’ll leave this thread with a previous experience here which might be tranquillizing:


Just a quick extra consideration: this is a standard market procedure done with the card company (VISA/Mastercard), over which :r: has limited influence.


Thank you so much for your response it’s been great to get some clarification if not concrete and it has provided some comfort that we will be getting our money back. Unfortunately I couldn’t have done anything differently to prevent this from happening. Thanks again


Hi there.

We’re really sorry to hear that. That’s bad!

The transactions are pending at the moment which means that the merchant has not either collected the funds nor declined the transactions.

There are two possible scenarios now: either they will realise the error and decline it, or they will not realise the error and will settle the transaction.

When that happens, you will be able to see that the transaction no longer appears in grey in your transaction history on the app. Then you can just let us know and we will be able to raise a chargeback on your behalf to recoup the funds.

In the meantime, please terminate the card from the card section of the app and order a new one, we will refund you the cost of the card delivery of course.


Andreas K.


Also, then you get your new card go to its security options and review them. If you aren’t doing withdrawals then turn it off and only turn it on when need it.


Hi Andreas I have ordered a new card but it would only let me do this by topping up by £10 will this be refunded also? Many thanks for your assistance it has made me relax a bit more


Hey @peebrads,

I’m not AndreasK, but the initial 10gbp /eur or any currency for that matter,will not be refunded, as it is yours to use, and after the verification you can go ahead and transfer it back to your bank account, use it up for online transactions, or wait for your physical card to arrive then you can go ahead and spend it anywhere you like.


Precisely, its a top-up, not a fee, so naturally there cant be a refund either.


Thank you guys for your help :slight_smile:


As mentioned, we will refund you the cost of the card delivery. The 10£ will not be refunded as it’s yours.


Yes I understand now that I can remove the £10 from the account anytime many thanks for all your help


Keep me posted please.


Andreas K.