Fraudulent and distant use of card in a foreign country


My card was used in russia few minutes ago to make different payments on a betting website.
what can I do to be reimbursed and what revolut can do for me?

Knew :r: has been blocking a fair amount of legit transactions these days, now I’m discovering they’re also letting fraudulent ones through :frowning:

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yes that’s weird and I am not sure to understand what support told me about the merchant having to confirm the fraudulent transactions…

Hi @assyn,

Very sorry to hear that :frowning:

We always advise our users to have location feature enabled. Once you turn this feature on in the app, we will use your phone’s location to determine if your card has been compromised and help prevent fraudulent transactions.

Please block your card from the card section of the app & reach out our support team so that we can help!


Andreas K.

Isn’t it stated that the location feature does not apply for online purchases? It was a betting website.

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My fault. I thought you were referring to physical card payments.

As I can see you have filled up a chargeback form.

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