Fraud SMS from

I have just received this SMS from „Revolut“ and I just wanted to warn you.

It looks like this:
We kindly ask you to verify your account. Use the link below to get verified.

Have you also experienced such fraud trials or similar? The SMS address is very well faked and so the message appears just within the other real Revolut SMS messages.

Have you reported it to the customer service?

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It just redirects you to the US site lol

I have just now written on Twitter. I don’t know if they can do something against that. Maybe block some ip addresses where they try to get access to the phished accounts.

Then it’s not a fraud SMS. Just wondering where it comes from. Maybe outbank caused it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Edit: ok it was a fraud attempt and as we have learned some Revolut users did use the link. Ups.

It’s probably trying to get you to sign up to a mailing list or something similar so they can sell it 400x kver

Now you get forwarded to the correct Revolut Site and you don’t see the fake Login panel. someone has already reported this said Mr. Twitter @RevolutApp.
So we can take a deep and relaxing breath now :wink:

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Then i test the webpage
With chrome or edge
It goes to

It does now. It did not when I „tested“ this.

Please do not trust it. Remember that we will never ask you for SMS code/PIN. You’ll find this useful:


a new wave of scam SMS appeared:

Your OTP code is 02XX. If you did NOT request this please visit. myrevo…

(i left out a piece of the link so nobody clicks on the link accidentally)

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